blog stack

Hi! I’ll try to explain my choices for this blog.

Why? Why did I decided to forgot my older blog (5 years+) and create this new one?

Well… some reasons:

  • I was paying US$ 120/year to dreamhost, since 2007.
  • All my posts were in PT-br, and I’d like to write in english… to improve my english and I believe that more people can read what I’m writing.
  • And my tech posts about rails and android was ‘deprecated’.

Why Heroku?

The first time that I’ve heard about Heroku was in 2009… in that time Heroku has 20k apps. I don’t know today, but I found this article that says 1.5M (2012). So, I was using heroku to deploy test apps, to study something. But, when I started to work on Mobjoy Games, things changed. The backend of my project, dev/staging/prod enviroments was running on Heroku! Ok, about my choice. Heroku it’s amazing platform, with a lot of addons, I don’t need to do a ‘devops’ job, just git push and my app is deployed.

Hexo? What is this?

My challenge using heroku was US$0.00. So, if I had decided to use wordpress, it would be necessary some database addon. Maybe the developer plan could be good for me… some posts and comments. But no, I’d like to use node.js. So, I found Hexo. Hexo for me is: some scripts to generate .MD file, generate all .html files and deploy on heroku. I mean, all posts in my blog, it’s static files! Pretty cool, no?

What else?

Front-end it’s not for me. I’m terrible to combine colors for example. So, I’ve found this theme… I forked to do some changes. I’m also using Cloudflare, which works like Akamai, but for free.