cloudflare and heroku

Hi! Today I’ll try to explain how to configure heroku, cloudflare and your domain.

Step 1 - Create and deploy your app on heroku.

Step 2 - Add domain

$ heroku domains:add
$ heroku domains:add

Step 3 - Sign up and sign in on CloudFlare

Step 4 - Add website

Step 5 - Setting up DNS records

Basically is necessary just CNAME, I’m configuring MX too because I’m using google apps.

Note that I don’t have any A or AAA record. Why? How? Because CloudFlare provides automatic CNAME Flattening. How CNAME Flattening works? HERE

Step 6 - DNS domain

This step, this example, it’s for I need to configure to use CloudFlare Nameservers.

Well, this is it. Enjoy Heroku and CloudFlare together